moose; yes that's my real name. this blog is 90% supernatural and 10% the rest of my fandoms.

i'm a hardcore dean!girl that did not survive the season nine finale and was further damaged by season ten so do not expect a lot of togetherness from me

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in order of importance
● supernatural s10
● htgawm s1
● grey's anatomy s11
● arrow s3
● the flash s1
● doctor who s8
● gilmore girls s1
● under the dome s2
● veronica mars s3
● ripper street s2
● teen wolf s3
● chuck s1


we are not ourselves
by: matthew thomas


queue runs 24/7

100% hate and wank free but not spoiler free

supernatural family

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i recently made an advice/confession blog with a few other people. if you ever need to just vent or if you need some advice then please take advantage our blog.

reasons to continue living

remember: you are beautiful and important and you are worth so much more than you think! my askbox is always open if you need it.

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Winnie Foster, I will love you until the day I die.

Winnie Foster, I will love you until the day I die.