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i'm a hardcore dean!girl that did not survive the season nine finale and was further damaged by the first season ten promo so do not expect a lot of togetherness from me


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we are not ourselves
by: matthew thomas


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i recently made an advice/confession blog with a few other people. if you ever need to just vent or if you need some advice then please take advantage our blog.

reasons to continue living

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IM HERE, IM QUEER, AND IM full of existential fear

I’d just like to thank my lovely blogsitter Eva for taking care of my blog for most of the summer. She did a fantastic job and her blog is just as gorgeous as mine so maybe check it out.

In other news,

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Cas yelling in Enochian when he fucks Dean

Sam tuning it out because he doesn’t understand it anyway

Kevin losing his goddamn mind because he understands every word Cas is saying and holy fuck are those two dirty in bed

bouncycastiel: Can I be Cassie in the spn family pls!!

Of course :)

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